Leg bags

Sterile 3-chamber leg bag systems 500 ml
04/01/500/10Size 500ml Hose length 10cm
04/01/500/30Size 500ml Hose length 30cm
04/01/500/50Size 500ml Hose length 50cm

 Graduated connector
 Sliding valve
 Fleece coating
 3 chambers
 Reflux valve

Sterile 1-chamber leg bag 750 ml

The leg bag with 10/30 cm tube length can be comfortably fixed to the thigh. The leg bag with a tube length of 50 cm has an additional step connector enclosed in the packaging. This makes it possible to shorten the tube individually. In this way, the leg bag can be comfortably fixed to the thigh or lower leg.

04/01/750/10Size 750ml Hose length 10cm
04/01/750/30Size 750ml Hose length 30cm
04/01/750/50Size 750ml Hose length 50cm

• Step connector
• Retractable drain cock
• Slide valve
• Fleece coating
• Reflux valve

Day & Night Bag
04/01/1000/30Size 1000ml Hose length 30cm
04/01/1000/60Size 1000ml Hose length 60cm
04/01/1000/90Size 100ml Hose length 90cm

• Step connector
• Sliding valve
• Fleece coating
• Drip chamber/return valve
• Retractable drain