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Information from the industry: bladder carcinoma

Dr. med. Jost Weber, specialist in urology Bladder carcinomas are malignant tumors that attack the urinary bladder wall.

Bladder carcinoma accounts for around 3-4% of all cancers. The maximum age for the development of bladder carcinoma is in the 6th decade of life. Men are affected slightly more often than women. Smokers are particularly at risk of developing bladder cancer in their lifetime. The risk here is about twice as high compared to non-smokers. Other hazardous substances are nitrosamines and aromatic amines, which are used, for example, in the chemical, rubber or textile industries. The most common symptom of bladder cancer is the painless admixture of blood in the urine. In advanced stages, in addition to weight loss and anemia due to the displacing growth, the urinary outflow disorder, which can manifest itself in the form of flank pain.

  • cytological examination of urine
  • Urogram (X-ray examination) to show the urinary tract
  • Ultrasound to assess the bladder wall
  • Cystoscopy

If a bladder carcinoma is diagnosed, the tumor is exfoliated (resected) from the bladder. This procedure is performed through the urethra. A hospital stay of 4-5 days is necessary here.