Bag Holders

Premium single-leg trousers

The premium single-leg trousers made of soft pre-washed cotton blend fabric with integrated leg bag pocket have silicone strips in the wide elastic waist belt, which ensure the best possible hold of the single-leg trousers even when the leg bag is full. The individually adjustable Velcro fastener of the waist belt ensures that this product is very comfortable to wear.
The single-leg trousers can be worn on the right or left upper leg. The leg bag is held in place by an integrated pocket that can be opened with a Velcro fastener. This ensures a comfortable and secure fixation of the leg bag on the user’s thigh.
Due to the special guidance of the drain cock of the leg bag, the emptying of the bag is very easy.
The one-legged trousers can be washed at 60° and are therefore designed for repeated use.

05/03/10/XLSize XL  Scope 98 – 120 cm 
05/03/10/LSize L  Scope 98 – 120 cm 
05/03/10/MSize M  Scope 98 – 120 cm 
Leg Holder

The single-leg trousers are used to fix all commercially available urine leg bags to the thigh. The trousers are high-cut and contain an integrated leg bag pocket with Velcro closure. The waistband is individually adjustable and can be worn either left or right.
The product is made of a cotton blend fabric and is washable up to 60 °C.
The single-leg trousers are available in 3 different sizes: size M, size L, size XL.

05/03/10/XLSize XL   
05/03/10/LSize L   
05/03/10/MSize M   
Velcro strap universal

Size: Universal
To be shortened according to individual needs

  • Universal leg bag holder with two sewn-on Velcro loops to accommodate the punched eyelets on the leg bag and a sewn-on special tube fixation of the leg bag system.
  • Its elastic material prevents any disturbance of the blood circulation on the upper or lower leg.
  • The Velcro strap is 70 cm long. However, it can be shortened according to individual needs. This means that it can be used on both the upper and lower leg.
  • The Velcro strap is washable up to 60° and therefore reusable.
05/01/BKL/UniSize: Uni  length 70 cm